ZPN || Diagnoses – TMJ

? ZPN || Diagnoses - TMJ TMJ is considered a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD. It is blamed for jaw pain and other symptoms. TMJ is considered the lower back pain of dentistry and most of the time ?they actually share the same cause, and the same method to eliminate the symptoms.

ZPN || Diagnoses – TMJ

? ZPN || Diagnoses - TMJ TMJ is considered a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD. It is blamed for jaw pain and other symptoms. TMJ is considered the lower back pain of dentistry and most of the time ?they actually share the same cause, and the same method to eliminate the symptoms.

My segment on The American Dream TV Show sharing what you must know about pain and pain drugs

Kara: All right, welcome back to more of the American Dream. Again, we are talking to authors and people who you can learn from, and Adam Heller is certainly no different. He is a mind/body pain relief expert. Did I get that right? Adam: You got it perfectly. Kara: I love that. And this topic is something that not a lot of people, I think,

Ode to Dr. Sarno


“You say goodbye and I say hello.” – John Lennon/Paul McCartney I’ve received dozens of phone calls, emails and texts asking me to comment on the passing of John Sarno. John Sarno is the person that first uncovered the psychological cause of most chronic pain. After witnessing that the traditional pain management paradigm was woefully inadequate, he began researching the actual cause of subacute and

Herniated Discs – Why Patients With Zero Pain Have Them

herniated discs

Herniated disc, does it cause pain? Does it not cause pain? It's certainly one the most common diagnoses for back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain. And it's one of the primary reasons people have back surgeries. Also that people are prescribed pain medications and drugs. So the question is, do herniated discs really cause pain? There are certainly some arguments going on about

Bulging Disc – The Myth

bulging discs

Bulging disc - One of the most common diagnoses for low back pain. There's a big argument going on in both the medical and non-medical community as to whether or not bulging discs have anything, anything at all, to do with pain. There are traditional treatments - surgical treatments that are often recommended and often used to either lessen temporarily, or sometimes permanently, pain associated

Fibromyalgia – The Lies


Hi, I'm Adam Heller. Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is devastating to people that are diagnosed and suffer with it. The information about fibromyalgia is really all over the place. There are opinions, after opinions, after opinions. And unfortunately most of the time, the end result is people are told that it's chronic and they're administered and prescribed some pretty dangerous medications. It is limiting and it's devastating

Spinal Stenosis – Probably Not The Cause

spinal stenosis

It's almost impossible for Spinal Stenosis to cause pain. Why?... Spinal stenosis, a very common diagnosis for back pain. The question is, does spinal stenosis actually cause back pain or is spinal stenosis just there and you have back pain? There are certainly some arguments going on in the medical community, in the non-medical community, and certainly in the pain relief community because there have

Back Pain – What You Need To Know

pain management

So much advice about your back pain and almost none is accurate. Here's what you must... Hi. I'm Adam Heller and welcome to the video. Back pain. 118 million in the United States alone suffer what they call chronic pain and 70% of that is attributed to back pain, most of it lower back pain. It's epidemic. It's treated in a variety of ways: surgically,

Welcome to Video 09 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

stress illness

You can be a Zero Pain Now Master Coach Just like Dr. Mike... What I call chronic stress illness. When I say Chronic Stress Illness I'm referring to any type of chronic physical symptom or physical syndrome where it turns out that the physical symptoms are actually being caused by stress, tension or uncomfortable emotions. These things might respond to the Zero Pain Now program

Chronic Pain – Can You Get Better?

chronic pain

Do you believe your pain is chronic? A pilot at the Mayo Clinic may convince you otherwise... Well, typically acute pain is defined as pain for six weeks or less. And then sub-acute or chronic pain is actually six weeks or more.So let me make it really simple for you.If you break your foot, it hurts, but six weeks later it's healed. The largest bone

Welcome to Video 08 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

stress illness

Zero Pain Now, it takes Dr. Sarno's work to the next level. If Dr. Sarno's work is like the work of the Wright Brothers, inventing the first plane, Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now is like the space shuttle. It's a form of flight, but it goes so far beyond the original concepts. The reason for this is even though Adam Heller is not a physician,

Welcome to Video 07 in Our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

rapid life change session

What is neural linguistic programming? Neural linguistic programming, I'll say NLP from now on because it's a lot easier. It's basically very advanced psychological techniques that don't involve years of therapy, they don't involve drudging up the past or spending hours and hours analyzing your childhood. Basically they look at your mind and how it's functioning now, and basically determine what would be the best

Welcome to Video 05 in Our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

rapid life change session

When we have these buried uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear, sadness, rage they're the main cause of the physical pain when you have a psychophysical disorder. All you have to do to eliminate the physical pain is to un-bury or un-repress the emotions. It's the emotional repression that leads to the pain. So to get freedom from the pain all you have to do is

Welcome to Video 04 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

stress tension

Most types of chronic back pain, I'm guess here but maybe 95% of cases of chronic physical pain, the true cause of the pain is not physical. It's not something structural of physically wrong with the body. It's actually emotional. It's stress, tension and buried emotions which lead to changes in the brain the way it's functioning and that leads to physical changes in the

Whew 2016 Is Finally Over!


2016, whew, it's over. I've heard so many people say that in the last few days. And I've seen so many posts on social media - "Oh, 2016 sucked, I hope 2017's gonna be better." I had the same year as you in 2016. I went through the elections, all the people dying, all those things; And I had a fantastic year! How did I

Must I Keep A Pain Journal?

pain journal

Welcome to the Ask Adam Episodes. Today's question: Should I keep a pain journal? The answer is absolutely not. Often doctors and chiropractors and physical therapists tell people to keep pain journals. The more you focus your attention on your pain, the greater your pain. Because what neuroscience has proven over the last 10, 20, 30 years is that the cause of chronic pain actually

What Are You Not Thankful For?


This is not your typical thanksgiving video. Because what people are going to be asking you today is what you are thankful for. And I'm a huge fan of gratitude. But here's the problem - often we use gratitude and thankfulness to cover up what's really going on. And in essence that ends up keeping us stuck in the same place. So I'm going to

Have you set a deadline?


Where in your life do not have the results you want? Is it in your career? Is it in your emotional pain? Is it in your physical pain? Why is it you're not getting the results that you want? And have you set a deadline? How long have you been doing the same thing over and over again? Maybe better. Maybe trying to refine it.

Who’s Driving Your Bus?


  Who's driving your bus? What I mean by that is, are you making your own decisions because they’re best for you? And they’re in line with your values, and your beliefs, and your judgements, and your model of the world. Or you're making decisions because other people think it would be best for you. Or it fits other people's expectations of you. Or their

Check Yourself At The Door


I've had to do that on more than one occasion. What I mean check yourself at the door, I mean when you want to do something really big, it's not uncommon that fears and self talk and all those other things come to your head. And yes I am driving by the way with my hands in the air - on the freeway. They come

Distraction and Diarrhea

Distraction and Diarrhea. Probably not two words that you hear in the same sentence very often. But there's really an interesting story that will help you overcome some distractions. So, the difference between you having the pain free life that you want, whatever that is. More success. Less pain. More money. Less weight. Whatever it is, is almost always distraction. You hear about focus. But

Ask Adam Episode 12 – Care!

Hey it's Adam. All the time people are asking me what's the best way to have success? How do I have success? What do I need to do to have success? Four letters - CARE. Care. Because the more you care about what you do, the more you're going to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. And your clients,

Ask Adam Episode 10. Adam, How Do I Get My Pain To Stop Moving?

Hi its adam. The question this week: How do I get my pain to stop moving? The answer is simple, eliminate it once and for all. One hundred percent of the people in a Mayo Clinic Pilot ended their pain. Bulging disc. Herniated disc. Spinal stenosis. Fibromyalgia. Degenerative disc disease. Sciatica. Tension and migraine headaches. How badly do you want to have stop the pain

I Ran 8.5 Miles Today

Hi it's Adam. “I ran eight and a half miles this morning and that's something that could never happen six months ago.” No not me! That's an email I received from an employee at the Mayo clinic who was referred by the Mayo Clinic after having been been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and spending thirteen years on the sidelines. In three weeks she was completely

Are You Playing Checkers When You Should Be Playing Chess?

. Hey it's Adam. Welcome to the video. Are you playing checkers when you should be playing chess? Are you playing checkers when you should be playing chess? Are you really taking what you want seriously? Checkers is a game for fun played by kids. Chess takes planning and implementing, and thinking and making changes. Subtle changes as things change on the other side of

Anger is a 2 step process

  Hey it's Adam.   Welcome to the video. Anger is a two-step process. People come to me and they say I want to get over my anger, I want to get over my anger. And they think that something happens and then automatically there's anger. But anger is really a two-step process. Anger always begins with a hurt. Something happens where you feel hurt

I Don’t Have Enough Money

Hey it's Adam. Welcome to the video. I don't have enough money. I do not have enough money. I don't have enough money for that. I don't have enough money for that. I don't have enough money and it's distant cousin I don't enough time are the two biggest excuses that produce pain in people's lives. And that’s emotional pain and that's physical pain. And

I don’t have enough time

Hi It's Adam. I don't have enough time. I don't have enough time. And it's close cousin, I'm way too busy. I don't have enough time is the excuse that produces more pain - emotional and physical pain, than any other excuse on the books. And I get it, it's 5:00 am Sunday morning. I'm making this video for you. Why am I doing that?

Steve Kerr Probably Didn’t Need Surgery

Hi it's Adam. Steve Kerr is the classic example of where stress, tension, emotional pain and physical pain meet. If you don’t know Steve Kerr he's the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors, perhaps the best team in the history of basketball. However Steve Kerr has a lifetime of emotional stress, tension, starting back in his college days when his father was assassinated -

Jeff Bridges Back Is Lying To Him

Hey it's Adam. Jeff Bridges writes “my back lets me know when it's pissed at me and when it is, it makes life more challenging. But here's the thing that Jeff Bridges doesn't really know is it's really the reverse. When life gets more challenging your back gets pissed at you. Because 30 years of research has revealed that the back pain, neck pain, shoulder

Does Donald Trump Have Values?

Hey it's Adam. Does Donald Trump have values? Well the answer is absolutely yes and we're not talking politics right now. But people often question me - Donald Trump the behavior, how, why, what's going on with this guy? And when you understand values it's much easier to understand Donald Trump's behavior. So values are what's important to you. What's important to you? It's really

Ben Affleck’s Migraine

Hey it's Adam. Migraines. Tension headaches. Disastrous. They upset your life. They come out of no place and they slam you like a freight train. It's reported that Ben Affleck is a regular migraine sufferer. Migraines are debilitating. The great news I've helped hundreds of people eliminate migraines. One of my favorite stories is that I got a call one day from one of the

George Clooney Shouldn’t Have Pain

Hey it's Adam. George Clooney suffers chronic pain. It's the great equalizer. Chronic pain doesn't care if you're a celebrity or if you're a regular person like you and me. But the interesting thing is he's been suffering his chronic pain since being injured while filming in 2005. And here's the thing, your body heals. Everybody that's ever come to me to have a pain

Easy For Oprah? – Think Again

Hey it's Adam. How about wildly successful people that had to overcome huge obstacles to have their success. We all fail. We all have obstacles in our life. How about Oprah? We all know Oprah. We all know Oprah. Did you know that she gave birth to a child at 14 that died? That is devastating. What did she do? Did she crawl up on

Your Pain Diagnosis Is Wrong!

Hey it's Adam. If you've been given a diagnosis for chronic pain there's a 97% chance your diagnosis is absolutely wrong or at least seriously incomplete. Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Spinal stenosis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Whiplash, Tendonitis, Torn Rotator Cuff. If you're given any of those diagnosis there's a 97% chance that those diagnoses are wrong. Now, people come into my office at Zero Pain Now

No Jay Z

Hi it's Adam. What do you do when the world says no to you? What do you when obstacles come up? When people put roadblocks in your way? When everything you try fails? What do you do? Jay Z is the perfect example. Jay Z went from studio to studio. To company to company nobody would sign him. Obviously a super talented musician but nobody

How Ryan Lochte was the idiot of the week?

Hey it's Adam. I’ve been thinking a lot about Ryan Lochte this week. He's an olympic champion. He obviously has done some really incredible things and he's the idiot of the week this week. As you probably know he bashed in a gas station restroom in Brazil and he lied about it. He's probably lost from reports 10-15 million dollars in advertisements and he's the

Stephen King Knows Recovery

Hey it's Adam. Thanks for coming to the video. Recovery strategy. Everybody with success has to have some great recovery strategy. Stephen King - Stephen King's first novel was rejected by 30 publishers. Stephen King has sold 350 million novels. So how was it every knocking on the doors, knocking on the doors, rejection, rejection, rejection? What was it he did inside his head that

Can You Overcome Like Richard Branson?

Hi it's Adam. Overcoming obstacles. Richard Branson the most famous Virgin on the planet. Virgin Airlines that is. He created it. He's a huge success. He didn't start out that way. Richard Branson sucked in school. He didn't do well. He didn't do well on tests. It appeared that he wasn't very smart. And he didn't do well in all the standard operating procedures. Maybe

Michael Phelps Gets Back At Teacher

Hey it's Adam. Michael Phelps - in the news a lot this week. Greatest probably Olympian ever. Certainly the greatest swimmer. Gold medal after gold medal after gold medal after gold medal. And what you may not know about Michael Phelps is when he was in 5th grade a teacher came to him and told him he wasn't going to be successful. And he really

What Do You Want From Life?

Hi it's Adam. What do you want from life? What do you really want from life? Now I know that I want to help 10 million people have the pain free life - whether emotional pain or physical pain with the Zero Pain Now process or Rapid Life Change. I know that's what I want. What do you want for your life? Because when you

Bill Gates Is A Failure

There's physical pain and there's emotional pain. And having a pain free life isn't always easy. You know Bill Gates as being the wealthiest guy in the world. The guy that created Microsoft. But the thing is his first business with his partner Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data failed miserably. They tried. They tried but it failed they were down and out. So what did they

Where In Your Life Are You A Victim?

Hey it's Adam. Where in your life are you a victim? Where in your life are you being the victim and what is it really costing you? This week I've been just ravaged in Social Media with people calling me all kinds of names because I made a video about Fibromyalgia. And all these people didn't believe that there's any way that they can end

The Meaning Of Communication Is The Way It’s Received

Hi it's Adam. The meaning of communication is the way it's received. Now we all know that communication problems are the biggest problem in many relationships. It doesn't have to be a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and kids, friends. Communications are everything and I screw up. I know this stuff and I still screw up. So I'm President of my Rotary

I’m A Dumb Ass!

Hi it's Adam and apparently I'm a dumb ass just trying to swindle people out of money. That's one of the latest comments that I've received in my Facebook post. Now, I just had a video on Fibromyalgia where I said fibromyalgia isn't a real thing. That was the title. Now I went on to stay how much pain and how people were treated and

Episode 4 – How Do I Stop Procastinating?

Hi it's Adam. Welcome to the Ask Adam episodes. Here's something that probably you suffer from something that people ask me about almost every day. Adam, I'm always procrastinating have never get down what I want to get down like procrastinate, procrastinate, how do I get over my procrastination? Well, procrastination isn't the problem your procrastination is a result of the problem and the problem

How You Mean Is How You Live

Hi it’s Adam and welcome to the video. There are 2 kinds of pain, there’s physical pain - back, neck shoulder pain. There’s also emotional pain. And there’s a great connection between the two. Emotional pain, stress, and tension actually causes physical pain. Physical pain makes emotional pain worse then there’s this negative spiral. So, one of the best methods for eliminating emotional pain is

Yay It’s Monday!

Every Monday I hear people complaining. I love Monday! Hear's why... Hey it's Adam. It's another Monday morning. People are always complaining about Monday mornings. Argh! I hate Monday. The job! I hate this stuff. Here's the really interesting fact: you're not 1 of the 151,000 people that died yesterday. And probably neither did your spouse, your kids, your parents or anybody really close to

How Can I Be Happy Like You?


Adam, How Can I Be Happy Like You? Studies have shown that 3 things are necessary for your happiness. AND scientific studies have proven that when you're happy you are more likely to have better health, better relationships and make more money. AND people that feel good make good choices so how about learning how to feel good for no good reason!

We’re spending millions on back pain claims. Is there anything I can do?

Lost productivity from pain costs US companies a staggering 294 Billion Dollars Every Year. $294,000,000,000.00 every year! There are a number of reasons that the cost is so high but the primary reason is that employees are dropped in an old-fashioned medical model that has no idea what really causes the pain. Once the pain management starts is goes and goes and goes. The cases

Is Fibromyalgia all in my head?

That was the subject line of an email that I received from a woman this morning regarding Fibromyalgia. I hear that question all the time. After suffering pain, fatigue, brain fog and other common fibromyalgia symptoms, it’s not uncommon for people (even family) to stop believing that there really is anything wrong with you. And to make matters more difficult to understand, the drugs

Why Doesn’t Pain Management Work Better?

I was having a conversation with some marketing experts when the subject turned to back pain. It seems he has been suffering for almost 10 years and unfortunately that comes with being dropped into the world of pain management. Of course he’s seen the doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and many of the alternative approaches. He also boasts a 6 pack stomach from all the