Are You Playing Checkers When You Should Be Playing Chess?


Hey it’s Adam.
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Are you playing checkers when you should be playing chess?

Are you playing checkers when you should be playing chess?

Are you really taking what you want seriously?

Checkers is a game for fun played by kids. Chess takes planning and implementing, and thinking and making changes. Subtle changes as things change on the other side of the board.

So if there’s things in your life that you really want. Big things that you haven’t accomplished yet. You’re playing checkers instead of chess.

Are you’re taking it seriously?
Are you making a plan, every day?
Are you implementing the plan, every day?
Are you monitoring the results, every day?
Are you making subtle changes, every day?

Because success is a lot like landing an airplane. And when I learned how to fly – and the plane would be set up on the runway – and a little breeze would come up – and the plane would go a little bit to the right or a little bit to the left. If real fast I made small corrections I’d be able to stay lined up with that runway and land on the runway. If I got a little sloppy and got out I’d have to go back around and try and do it again.

So with the things that you say you want – with your projects. Are you really taking them seriously?
Are you running it like a chess game? Or are you running it like a checkers game?

Because all you have to do every day is plan and implement and monitor and change.

Four things that’s it for anything you want in your life.

Do that and you’ll see your results skyrocket!
And if I can help you let me know

Because all I want for you is a pain free life.
And that means success for you.
Thanks for watching this video and I will see you again soon.

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