Ask Adam Episode 7 – How do I get over depression?

Hi it’s Adam.
Welcome the ask Adam episodes.

The question this week: How do I get over depression?

Well the answer for how to get over depression is rather simple and I’ve helped many, many, many people do it rather quickly.
The same answer is how do I get – depression is sadness. How do I get over Sadness? How do I get over anger? How do I get over hurt? How do I get over guilt? How do I get over shame?

It’s all the same thing and the question is exactly right, it’s how.
The reason that traditional therapy fails so often is people have pain, they want a pain free life. They have pain but traditional therapy starts with the question why, as if understanding why you have a problem will make it go away.
That doesn’t work very well.
You probably know lots of people that have been in therapy for decades and still have a life of pain.

So the question is how to get over depression?

Well, depressed people are depressed because they have perfected the art of depressing themselves.
Their lives are just as good as yours and mine.
Maybe you’re depressed.
But they run the strategies in their brain and the predictable result is they’re sad or angry or hurt or whatever it is.
So by taking a look at how you do things in your brain. What do you do just before you feel depressed? Angry? Hurt? Whatever it is. What do you do in your brain? Do you say something to yourself? Do you make pictures? Those are the process or the recipe that produces a very predictable result.

If you’re going to make a chocolate cake and it takes chocolate, flour, milk, sugar and eggs. If you take out the chocolate and you put in strawberry you get a very different result.

So by changing the strategy or the recipe you run in your brain that produces that emotion, or that response you don’t like, it will change. If you change it the right way you’ll get just perfect recipe you want. Which is a pain free life.
Do it. It works!
It’s easy.
If you need some help send me an Email
I’ll help you.
Here’s to your pain free life.
I’ll see you soon.

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