How do I get a pain free life?

Hey it’s Adam and you often hear me talk about a pain free life.
What is a pain free life?
And how do you get a pain free life?
More likely, if you’ve ever read my book I’ll tell you that I had some really tough times in my life and I was big and as fat as a house. And I was miserable and life really sucked. I certainly didn’t have a pain free life.
Also physical pain and there’s physical pain – there’s emotional pain and a pain free life applying it to both.
And so physically, I’ve been pain free for a long, long, long time. In the Zero Pain Now process I can show you how to do that.
But probably more likely it’s an emotional life that isn’t pain free for you.
So, how do you do that?
How do you have a pain free life?
And that’s exactly the right question.
The question is how.
Because there’s a process for not being pain free. So, if you identify the process, how do you do not pain free?
How do you do sad?
How do you do angry?
How do you do unhappy?
How do you do any of those things?

There’s a process you run in your brain. Just like a recipe. If you’re going to make a chocolate cake and it takes, milk, chocolate, flour, sugar and eggs. Well if you replace some ingredient. If you’d take out the chocolate and I put in strawberry, I’m going to get a strawberry cake. I’m going to get a very different result.
So here’s what you do.
You start to pay attention to how you do the behaviour or the response or the not pain free life that you have.
Do you talk to yourself? Do you say things to yourself? Do you make pictures in your mind? What do you do in your head just before you act? Just before you – not pain free life.
And once you identify that, all you have to do is change the recipe. Take the chocolate and replace with strawberry and you’re going to get a different result. And if you do the right way you’re going to get the result you want.
Tune in. See how you do it.
Make some changes in the recipe and monitor the results.
That’s how you have a pain free life.
Thanks for watching this video.
Share with somebody that need’s it and I’ll see you in the next video.

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