Stephen King Knows Recovery

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Recovery strategy.
Everybody with success has to have some great recovery strategy. Stephen King – Stephen King’s first novel was rejected by 30 publishers.

Stephen King has sold 350 million novels.

So how was it every knocking on the doors, knocking on the doors, rejection, rejection, rejection?
What was it he did inside his head that allowed him to recover and come back and knock on another door?
And another door?
And another door until the first one finally said okay we’ll publish that?

That’s a recovery strategy.
Now, we all have versions of this.

So, when you’re down, when you’re out, when you have been knocked sideways what will you do?Will you lay on the couch and watch TV and eat? Or do you go through some process and come back out and say, okay I’m going to learn from this and when you do something else,

I’m going back out there. I’m going back out there.

I know with the Zero Pain Now process I was told over and over you can’t do that! You can’t do that. You can’t go up against the medical community and big Pharma and all those other things.
And every time I got knocked out in my head I came back and I said, okay I’m going to prove them wrong.
It was just as simple as that. And that immediately energized me and it got me out there. And it got me knocking on doors. And it got me pushing. And I’ll go toe to toe with any neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon and CEO of a hospital and drug company and anybody else.

Because I’ve done it over and over and I’ve got the proof and there’s nothing anybody can tell me that will get me to do anything other than go out and help people.

Now that’s my gig.

Stephen King had his gig.

You’ve got your own gig.

So having a really great recovery strategy something – you tell yourself as soon as you get knocked sideways that will get you up, energized and out there moving forward again.
Take a look at it. Look at yourself. Be honest. Unemotional.

How do you respond when these things happen when you get knocked? How do you respond if it isn’t the way you want?

Think about it.
Come up with the new strategy.
What do you need to tell yourself?
What do you need to know?
What do you need to say?
What do you need to do to get up?
Take a deep breath dust yourself off and go forward.
Because, you know what?
If you keep doing that you will have success.
Thanks for watching this video.
Here’s your pain free life.
I’ll see you again soon.

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