Where In Your Life Are You A Victim?

Hey it’s Adam.
Where in your life are you a victim?
Where in your life are you being the victim and what is it really costing you? This week I’ve been just ravaged in Social Media with people calling me all kinds of names because I made a video about Fibromyalgia.
And all these people didn’t believe that there’s any way that they can end their pain. They didn’t believe there’s any way they can have a Pain Free Life.
And pain free life can be physically or emotionally.
But these people had taken on the identity of the Fibromyalgia sufferer and they became victims.
So, anybody tells them that they can have a great life – You can have a great life. They were all over me.
And I noticed that all the time and here’s what’s really interesting, they have made Fibromyalgia – they have made their pain emotion or physical – in their case physical – their identity.
But the truth is, it’s really a behavior.

So, where in your life are you making something your identity when it’s really behavior?
For example, somebody who says I’m a smoker.
I’m a smoker is an identity. The behavior of smoking is much easier to change than changing your identity.
So where in your life are you acting like a victim?

And what’s it costing you?
And would you like to change that? Hopefully the answer is yes.
The fastest way to do that is to change it from being that victimhood. It’s okay to be a victim we all do it some places.
Change it from being your identity to behavior.
How are behaving like a victim and then you can simply make the change. It’s much easier that way.
Give it a try.
I think you’ll like it.
Thanks for watching this video.
And I will see you on another video very soon. Here’s your Pain Free Life. I’ll see you soon.

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