Easy For Oprah? – Think Again

Hey it’s Adam.
How about wildly successful people that had to overcome huge obstacles to have their success.
We all fail.
We all have obstacles in our life.
How about Oprah? We all know Oprah. We all know Oprah.

Did you know that she gave birth to a child at 14 that died?
That is devastating.
What did she do?
Did she crawl up on a ball?
Did she stop?
We know she didn’t.What she did was she rolled up her sleeves and she started studying. And she went to school. And she excelled. And she kept going forward. And she started doing TV. She kept going. She did show after show – finally got discovered became Oprah.

The Oprah that we know.
Made other investments. Went out and helped people.
She used her traumas.
She used her dramas.
She used her problems to escalate her success.

She’s now worth a reported $2.9 billion.

Probably more than that success is all the people that she’s helped through her charity work – through her shows – through all the things her philanthropy all the things that she does.

But it all started with a massive obstacle and we all have them.
I’ve had them.
You’ve had them.

What do you do when you hit the road?
When you hit the boulder that’s blocking your path to a pain free life, to success, to what you want, what do you do?
Do you do what Oprah did?
Do roll up your sleeves and blast that obstacle out of the way and go forward?
Or do you go the other direction?
And whatever you’ve done until now is okay because today is a new day and tomorrow is a new day and as the Buddha said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

So somewhere in your life you’ve got some obstacles. What do you need to do to blast those away and take your first step, and your second step?
And you’ll find out how fast you’re on the road to success. Because you know what?

You can do it.

People may tell you otherwise.
I guarantee you whether you’re a billionaire now or whether you’re a hundred dollaraire, or whether you’re in debt, whether you’re overweight, whether you have drug problem. Whatever it is.

If you want success roll up your sleeves.
There’s somewhere in your life that is not exactly the way you want. Roll up your sleeves take a look at it and take a step and analyze that step and take another step. And then analyze that step and take another step.
And if you keep doing it maybe you’re not $2.9 billion but I guarantee you that you will maximize and optimize and create the best possible pain free life that you can have.
You can do it.
Thanks for watching the video.
Here’s your pain free life.
See you soon.

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