We’re spending millions on back pain claims. Is there anything I can do?

Lost productivity from pain costs US companies a staggering 294 Billion Dollars Every Year.

$294,000,000,000.00 every year!

There are a number of reasons that the cost is so high but the primary reason is that employees are dropped in an old-fashioned medical model that has no idea what really causes the pain.

Once the pain management starts is goes and goes and goes.

The cases stay open and the huge money pit keeps getting larger.

Recently I received a write-up from the Mayo Clinic with the results of a pilot that I did with them.

Every patient the referred to me – including the occupational health cases were all closed within 28 days of less. And I never had to be in the same room with the patients.

That’s 100% success.

These results were similar to the 1100 documented cases of people incompletely diagnosed with all kinds of structural abnormalities often incorrectly blamed on injuries.

So the answer to your question is yes and it’s simple.

Get people in your corporate wellness department or someplace in your company trained and watch your costs plummet and your employees increase productivity while lowering absenteeism and insurance claims.

The people that I train are just as good at permanent pain relief as I am.

Don’t tell them that!

Here’s to your pain free life

With Love


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