1 simple way to eliminate anxiety forever

Election day Anxiety.
Ahhhh!!! If he wins the world’s going to come to an end.
If she wins the world’s going to come to an end.

So much anxiety.

Almost everybody that I speak to is carrying around this anxiety. And the stress and the tension that comes with that. And almost nobody is happy.

Anxiety, anxiety.

So, what is anxiety?

Anxiety is nothing more than future based fear.

So, everybody on both sides of the aisle is projecting this horrible future if the other person wins.

If she gets in – If he gets in.
This will happen, this will happen, this will happen.

Probably, first of all it’s all made up. It’s all conjecture. Probably very little of that will actually happen.

And in the meantime by projecting these horrible outcomes into the future you feel anxious and stress and tension. And once again it’s all made up.

So, how do you feel better?
Well there’s a part it’s very simple.

There’s a part of you that can watch your mind create all this future stuff.

All you have to do is take a position and just start watching your thoughts.

Watch right now how your mind creates these future scenarios. And there’s a place in you that’s very still, and very stable from which you can be the observer and just observe your mind.

And this isn’t just some election day trick.

This is a method for you to feel neutral, calm, at peace, happy all the time.

So, all you have to do is inside just go back a little bit and observe your thinking. Observe your thoughts. Observe how you project, you come up with these future scenarios that are no good.

And as long as you’re centered in that place you can watch all that stuff happening.

You will feel calm. You will feel neutral. You will feel at peace. That’s the place in you that’s always available. And frankly you can spend all of your time observing from there because everything else is available to you from that spot. But when you’re in that spot – you feel good.

So, observe your thoughts. Observe yourself creating these movies that are fiction and from that place where to see is the trigger dissipates. And you’re going to find yourself feeling peaceful, and calm and still.

Great life lesson.

You can do this with anything all the time.
It’s going to eliminate the anxiety, and stress and the tension that you create.

Share this with somebody that needs it because everybody you know needs it today.

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