The Meaning Of Communication Is The Way It’s Received

Hi it’s Adam.
The meaning of communication is the way it’s received.
Now we all know that communication problems are the biggest problem in many relationships. It doesn’t have to be a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and kids, friends.
Communications are everything and I screw up. I know this stuff and I still screw up.
So I’m President of my Rotary Club and I was talking, I have a friend out there and I made a little joke at her expense that I thought that she’d think it’s funny because frankly I thought it was funny.
She didn’t.
So she was upset with me I had to clean things up. I knew well enough to do so and I still think it’s funny but she didn’t.
And the meaning of communication is the way it’s received.
She wins because however she takes my communication in that case or anybody else, that’s the meaning of the communication.
So I learned a lesson right there, or I reminded myself the lesson. So one of the things I would suggest to you is that if you want to have better relationships, you want to have a pain free life, you can become a better communicator. And the first way to do that is to pay attention to what the person you’re communicating with is receiving.
How are they taking it? So here’s something really interesting:
Take this to the bank:
You cannot not not communicate. Anything you do, facial expressions, any kind of movements, your voice, everything is communication and it’s being taken in.
So be conscious, notice how other people are receiving it. If you’re getting good feedback, keep going. If you’re not, stop. Clean it up if necessary and go on.
Want to have a pain free life? Be a better communicator.
Share this with somebody who needs it.
Here’s your pain free life.
I’ll catch you in the next video.

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