Is Fibromyalgia all in my head?

That was the subject line of an email that I received from a woman this morning regarding Fibromyalgia.

I hear that question all the time. After suffering pain, fatigue, brain fog and other common fibromyalgia symptoms, it’s not uncommon for people (even family) to stop believing that there really is anything wrong with you.

And to make matters more difficult to understand, the drugs they prescribe are antidepressants so that lends credibility to the argument that it’s all in your head.

We here’s the truth:

Your pain is absolutely real. But you already knew that.

But what those in medicine that are treating you don’t understand is that fibromyalgia is a psycho-physical syndrome. That’s why sometimes you get a bit of temporary relief with Lyrica and the antidepressants.

However, that doesn’t get you better and managing symptoms never will.

Fibromyalgia is an incomplete diagnosis that is actually caused by Diversion Pain Syndrome.

It originates in your brain AND THEN causes actual physical changes that result in pain and your other symptoms.

So if you want to stop the pain all together, you need to eradicate the cause once and for all.


Here’s to your pain free life

With Love


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