Welcome to Video 09 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

You can be a Zero Pain Now Master Coach Just like Dr. Mike…
What I call chronic stress illness. When I say Chronic Stress Illness I’m referring to any type of chronic physical symptom or physical syndrome where it turns out that the physical symptoms are actually being caused by stress, tension or uncomfortable emotions.
These things might respond to the Zero Pain Now program but the program wasn’t designed for these. If someone has this type of manifestation of stress and I don’t feel they are necessarily a candidate for the Zero Pain Now program then I’ll do a chronic stress evaluation. This is basically where I would sit down with you either by phone or by Skype or in person and I would be like a detective and I would ask you questions about all types of possible stress in your life. This could be stress that you’re having now. This could be stress that happened when you were a child because of a difficult childhood or even abuse. It could be stress of a early relationship in your early 20s when you were married to someone who was really not a good healthy partner for you.Sometimes it involves setting time aside in your life to take care of yourself and not just take care of others. Basically I would let you know which stress or stressors is likely the cause of your physical symptoms and advise you as to what to do to reverse that stress. Over a short period of time, if I’m correct, we’ll see those symptoms go away.How do you know if you’re someone who may qualify for a stress illness evaluation? First of all you should be having the symptoms for at least a few months. If it’s less than that you really haven’t given your regular doctors enough of a chance to find what’s going on.


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