Spinal Stenosis – Probably Not The Cause

It’s almost impossible for Spinal Stenosis to cause pain. Why?…

Spinal stenosis, a very common diagnosis for back pain. The question is, does spinal stenosis actually cause back pain or is spinal stenosis just there and you have back pain?

There are certainly some arguments going on in the medical community, in the non-medical community, and certainly in the pain relief community because there have been studies that have shown that there are a lot of people, they’re given an MRI, and the MRI shows that they have spinal stenosis. Yet they’ve never suffered!

They’ve never had any pain.

So, how is it possible if some people have that same structural abnormality, but they don’t have any pain?

It means that perhaps there’s some more information for you. Perhaps there’s another viewpoint. Perhaps you want to chat with your doctor and you want to ask what’s possible for you.

At the end of the day, we all have to make our own decisions as to what’s best for us and sometimes that’s really overwhelming. So, the more you arm yourself with information, the better the questions you can ask, the better the information you get, the better you can work with your doctor, the better results that you can have.

Spinal stenosis: cause of pain or not? Maybe.

You’ve gotten some new information that you can use.
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