Welcome to Video 08 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

Zero Pain Now, it takes Dr. Sarno’s work to the next level. If Dr. Sarno’s work is like the work of the Wright Brothers, inventing the first plane, Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now is like the space shuttle. It’s a form of flight, but it goes so far beyond the original concepts. The reason for this is even though Adam Heller is not a physician, he has more than 15 years of experience in understanding people and specifically understanding their minds and their brains and how people’s minds work and how the mind works with the body to create all types of issues and problems including physical pain. Adam Heller was able to take Dr. Sarno’s work and his ideas and his theories and use his knowledge of the human mind and the mind/body connection and specifically his knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming which I discuss in a previous video. He was able to use that knowledge to make the program much better and much more effective.


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