What Are You Not Thankful For?

This is not your typical thanksgiving video.
Because what people are going to be asking you today is what you are thankful for. And I’m a huge fan of gratitude. But here’s the problem – often we use gratitude and thankfulness to cover up what’s really going on. And in essence that ends up keeping us stuck in the same place.

So I’m going to ask you something different today. What are not thankful for?
What are you not thankful for?
Where in your life do you have pain? Physical pain – emotional pain.

What are you not thankful for? The identifying which you can take a step today to fix and change something so that by New Years you can really be thankful all the way because you’ve solved the problem.

What are you not thankful for? Whats wrong? What needs to change? The changing of which will allow you to really be thankful.

Make New Years the most wonderful New Years of your life by taking care of one big problem now.

I wish you the very best. I from me to you – my heart to yours,
I’m here to help. If there’s anything I can do for you adam@adamheller.com.

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