I Don’t Have Enough Money

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I don’t have enough money.

I do not have enough money.
I don’t have enough money for that.
I don’t have enough money for that.
I don’t have enough money and it’s distant cousin I don’t enough time are the two biggest excuses that produce pain in people’s lives. And that’s emotional pain and that’s physical pain.

And I get it, it’s not like money that grows on trees. Alright, money grows on trees. But it’s not that easy to get and I get it.

Every day. Every day I hear comments from people. Well why don’t you help us for free? You know I’ve had this pain for ten years, twenty years, thirty years, my back, my diagnosis, surgeries all these things but if you help us for free we’ll be a testimonial.
And I hear that all the time and it’s not just me with people with back pain or people with anxiety or people with addictions or over eating or divorce or those things.

It’s a very common excuse but often if we dive down we find out that these people take nice vacations. They drive cars. They get organic food. They do all kinds of other things. Big TV’s on the wall that maybe are lower priority but they haven’t taken the time to look.

So I don’t have enough money is almost never a good excuse.

So, what do you need to do to make sure that you have the pain free life that you say you want?

Well number one is to prioritize and to really look at Okay! What is it I want? Do I want to get rid of my physical pain? My emotional pain? Do I want to get a new car? Do I want to do something for my kids? Whatever it is and make sure that’s prioritized and look around and some of the other ways you frankly been spending and see if that’s congruent or incongruent, in alignment or not in alignment with what you say you really want.
Because if you prioritize what you say you really want you’ll be able to accomplish. It really is. It’s not that easy but it’s that doable.

What do you want?
How important is it to you?
Are you willing to look at it? Prioritize and slot your money accordingly so that you get what you want?
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I’ll see you again soon.

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