How Ryan Lochte was the idiot of the week?

Hey it’s Adam.
I’ve been thinking a lot about Ryan Lochte this week.
He’s an olympic champion. He obviously has done some really incredible things and he’s the idiot of the week this week.
As you probably know he bashed in a gas station restroom in Brazil and he lied about it. He’s probably lost from reports 10-15 million dollars in advertisements and he’s the idiot of the week.
Now, We’ve all been idiot of the week in many weeks. We’re not just as famous as Ryan Lochte. But the question really is like how did he do that? How did he do? What did he do when his head that came out with this tremendous stupid behaviour that got him into so much trouble?
Now, we all run these strategies in our head that lead to pretty crummy predictable results. We eat the piece of pie in the refrigerator. We do something stupid at work. We say something to our spouse or our boyfriend or our girlfriend that’s just ridiculously stupid.

And the question is not why we do it.
The question is how we do it.

If you weigh 400 pounds and you’re eating donuts we don’t really care why. It doesn’t matter what your mother did something to you when you’re 5 years old.

What matters is what’s the process you’re running your brain just before you eat the donut? Bash the wall? Do something stupid?

So as you start to look inside your head at how you do things rather than why.
What do say to yourself?
What do you do in your head just before you yell? Scream? Cheat? Lie? Say something stupid? Eat the pie?

What do you do just before?

Because if you start to pay attention to the strategy that you use to create that behavior you don’t want, you can change that. It’s like changing a recipe and getting a different result.

So start to pay attention to how you do things rather than why you do things and you’ll be able to make quick easy changes.
It’s a great tip. It works really well.
Thanks for watching this.
I’ll see you in the next video.

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