Anger is a 2 step process


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Anger is a two-step process.

People come to me and they say I want to get over my anger, I want to get over my anger. And they think that something happens and then automatically there’s anger.

But anger is really a two-step process.

Anger always begins with a hurt.

Something happens where you feel hurt and very quickly that hurt turns into your response, and your response is anger.

And so what do you need to do? What do you need to do to help stop that?

Well the first thing is to instead of trying to control the anger is allow it to be there. But also look what’s the hurt? Who hurt you? What did you do? What did somebody else do? But where the hurt come from? And look at that and the anger will dissipate.

The other really important thing to know is not to stuff it because people who suffer physical pain, 97% percent of people who suffer physical pain blamed on bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, tension and migraine headaches. The original cause that creates the physical symptoms has to do with repressed emotions. Almost always anger and rage.

So anger is a problem. Anger is a symptom. Rage is a symptom.

The problem is repressing it. And the cause are hurts.

Take a look at who hurt you. Take a look at what happened to hurt you. And look at that instead of the emotion.

What you’ll find is you’ll be able to solve that anger problem.

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