Check Yourself At The Door

I’ve had to do that on more than one occasion.

What I mean check yourself at the door, I mean when you want to do something really big, it’s not uncommon that fears and self talk and all those other things come to your head. And yes I am driving by the way with my hands in the air – on the freeway.

They come into your head and they often prevent you from having the greatness that you want to have.

The life, the accomplishments you want to have.

I know when it was time for me to develop Zero Pain Now.

I’m a guy from the small town.
Without a PH whatever or an M whatever and I knew people weren’t going to take me seriously for very long time. And I had to check Adam at the door.

Go ahead and do that the results have been terrific.

And that was not the only time. Just recently I’m president of the Rotary Club 93 or 94 year history.

They’ve been doing things as certain away and I decided it was time to change things because we could be better.

Now I could have fallen prey to the fears, and the tension and the stress.
Oh! Do I want to go through all this? And try this? I could fail.

I checked Adam at the door.
And went in, and it was another success.

So, what’s something that you need to accomplish?
That you know is the right thing. It may not be easy.

It may be really hard but you know you need to do it. You know you need to step forward. Maybe it’s leaving a relationship. Maybe it’s creating a project. Maybe it’s something at work – with your kids – family. Whatever it is.

What is it?

Identify it now. Right now.

And what happens if you just check yourself?

Put yourself aside, all that for a moment and look and you take one step and move forward.

Do it!

See what happens.

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