Can You Overcome Like Richard Branson?

Hi it’s Adam.
Overcoming obstacles.
Richard Branson the most famous Virgin on the planet.
Virgin Airlines that is. He created it. He’s a huge success.
He didn’t start out that way.

Richard Branson sucked in school. He didn’t do well. He didn’t do well on tests. It appeared that he wasn’t very smart. And he didn’t do well in all the standard operating procedures.
Maybe you know somebody like that. Maybe that’s you.
So, what did he do? Instead of again just crawling and not doing anything, what he did was he found his strength.
And his strength is his personality.
And he use his personality and he created teams.
And he put people together.
And he became the frontman.
And he became the guy you saw.
And he used this brilliant big personality and went on to create a billion dollars and success all over the planet.

Where are you strong?
What’s your strength?
Where are you at your best?
And how can you use that to have the success you want?

Don’t focus on your failures.
There’s plenty of people that will tell you how crummy you are.
Where you’re not good.
And we’re all not good in areas but also we’re all really great – brilliant geniuses in some areas.
So find the area where you have the greatest success – the greatest genius – where you are at your best.
Whether it’s your personality or you’re someone that analyzed things. Wherever you are at your best.
Discover that and use that to push yourself forward.
To pull yourself forward.

To have the pain free, great, fantastic, successful life that you want.

Focus on your best qualities and use those to bring you success.
Thanks for watching this video.
I’ll see you in another one soon.

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