Whew 2016 Is Finally Over!

2016, whew, it’s over.

I’ve heard so many people say that in the last few days. And I’ve seen so many posts on social media – “Oh, 2016 sucked, I hope 2017’s gonna be better.”

I had the same year as you in 2016. I went through the elections, all the people dying, all those things;

And I had a fantastic year!

How did I do that? I did that because I’ve learned how to take every event that happens and to see the positive in it, because there is a positive in every event. What I’ve learned helping thousands of people get their lives together, have great lives and really accomplish a lot, is that it’s up to you. It’s up to me.

It’s up to us to determine whether or not we’re gonna have a great 2017 or not have a great 2017. How do you do that?

Well, number 1, Stop!

Before you automatically see something as negative, stop. What are you projecting into the future? I’ve heard more people talk about, “Oh, this is gonna be awful. Trump’s gonna be President.” I’m apolitical.

But anxiety is about future-based fear. And putting things into the future that haven’t happened and may not happen and probably won’t happen.

Where are you doing that? Where are you putting things into your future that may not even happen?

And how is it making you feel? Probably not that good.

The way you can assure yourself of having a great 2017 regardless of what happens, is to start controlling what you do between your right ear and your left ear. When things come up, consciously look at them and see if you can find a positive meaning. You’re going to be surprised how often you can do that – how much more grateful you become and how much better your year is going to be.

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