Adam Heller

Adam Heller is an American author, speaker, trainer and behavioral expert. He is the author of Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now and the creator of Zero Pain Now and Rapid Life Change. Adam is known for creating proprietary Mindfulness Techniques That Eliminate Emotional and Physical Pain. He is a popular speaker and frequent guest on television and other media.

From the Mayo Clinic Health Systems Pilot: “Following the Zero Pain Now intervention they were all pain-free and ALL costs associated with managing their pain ceased.”


1.Early Life #

Adam was born October 4, 1960 in San Bernardino California. He is the youngest of 3 children. After getting an MBA from the Wharton School, Adam’s brother had a successful career in Real Estate. His sister is a psychoanalyst.

His parents successfully operated a large janitorial service and distribution company. This is where Adam began his experience in leadership and running corporations.

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2.Career #

Adam began his career when he took over leadership of the family business in 1981. After operating the company for 10 years he expanded into retail and wholesale distribution.

He later started and ran 7 corporations including manufacturing, service and distribution companies.

Later, Adam became fascinated with the brain and how neuroplastic changes can provide immediate behavioral changes.

Adam created Rapid Life Change in 2004. The unique program delivered long-term changes in a personalized 5 hour session. The technique helped people in 16 countries overcome problems such as Divorce, Bereavement, Addictions, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and other emotional and psychological incuberences.

After noticing a disproportionate number of clients experiencing physical pain, Adam began researching the link between emotional pain and physical pain. After 4 years of research, Adam developed Zero Pain Now.
Zero Pain Now private programs have been extremely successful in providing an end to pain and rapid case closure. The documented results of Zero Pain Now private programs is 97.4%. In addition a write-up from a pilot at the Mayo Clinic Health Systems showed 100% success with diagnoses such as Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica and other incomplete diagnoses.

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3.Philanthropy #

Adam has spent the last 20 years in various philanthropic activities. He has been extremely active both financially and actively with Orphanages in Mexico, Hospice Care and Various Health Care Facilities.

Adam’s primary philanthropic activities have taken place through participation with Rotary. He has volunteered in a surgical operation in Venezuela, Orphanages in Mexico and most recently at a men’s prison in California.

Adam is currently the President of the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills.

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4.Personal Life #

Adam lives in Laguna Beach California. He has one son in college. He has a passion for India and everything Indian and can often be found writing in local Indian restaurants.

He is well known both locally and worldwide and in the few hours that he is not working he can be found walking the shores of Laguna Beach.

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5.Affiliations #

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