Welcome to Video 07 in Our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

What is neural linguistic programming? Neural linguistic programming, I’ll say NLP from now on because it’s a lot easier. It’s basically very advanced psychological techniques that don’t involve years of therapy, they don’t involve drudging up the past or spending hours and hours analyzing your childhood. Basically they look at your mind and how it’s functioning now, and basically determine what would be the best way to just change the way your mind is functioning so you can overcome a problem.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I used to smoke cigarettes. I was a stress smoker and chain smoker. I only smoked for 12 years but during most of that 12 years I was smoking about two packs per day and I could not stop. I tried quitting cold turkey, I tried medications, prescription medications, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, I tried vaping. No matter what I did I was obsessed with smoking. I was definitely a smoker and I just could not stop. Then I had a rapid life change session which consisted of some NLP and some rapid timeline breakthrough techniques, and my session was only two hours long. It can take up to five hours but my session was about two hours long. By the end of the session I was absolutely convinced that I was an ex-smoker. I was convinced that I was no longer a smoker and now I was an ex-smoker and I quit smoking.

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