Distraction and Diarrhea

Distraction and Diarrhea.

Probably not two words that you hear in the same sentence very often.
But there’s really an interesting story that will help you overcome some distractions.

So, the difference between you having the pain free life that you want, whatever that is.

More success. Less pain. More money. Less weight. Whatever it is, is almost always distraction.
You hear about focus. But often we’re distracted.

So you know I want to end my back pain today.
I want to make more money.
I want to lose weight.

But, I have a friend in town. I’ve got some work to do. I’ve got these things. I want to go to the beach. My kids need me. All of these distractions. And distractions are what pull you – and pull us away from our focus. And away from really accomplishing what we want.

So, there’s a great metaphor given by an Indian Guru named Papaji.

And Papaji said, “Imagine you’re in a marketplace with diarrhea. Because if you’re walking through the marketplace with diarrhea you’re not going to stop and say how much are those earrings? or wow how much is that croissant looks great maybe I’ll sit down and have a cup of coffee? No, you’re going to hightail it through and get where you need to go.”

And that metaphor is a perfect metaphor to drop on whatever it is you want in your life. Because if you pretend that you are in a marketplace with diarrhea, you’re not going to stop.

You’re going to focus on what you want. And every step is going to get you there.

Watch how the success happens.
Focus. Move forward. Go towards it. Success is right there waiting for you.

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