I’m A Dumb Ass!

Hi it’s Adam and apparently I’m a dumb ass just trying to swindle people out of money. That’s one of the latest comments that I’ve received in my Facebook post.
Now, I just had a video on Fibromyalgia where I said fibromyalgia isn’t a real thing. That was the title. Now I went on to stay how much pain and how people were treated and the medical establishment turns their back on these people.

They call it chronic and I went into great detail on how these people being mistreated and also that there is a fix for Fibromyalgia.

However, a lot of people decided that they wouldn’t look at that and they’ve sent comment after comment and call me a Dumb Ass and all kinds of other things.
Now, I can live with that because every day I get videos from people that are dancing that used to be in bed, on opioids, in pain.

They have a pain free life now!
I can live with that.

But here’s the point of this video:
If you’re going to do something really big in your life.
If you’re going to breakdown paradigms.
If you’re going to break down walls.
If you’re going to help people.
If you’re going to do something with your truth, no matter what other people say, people like this person are going to throw some really negative comments your way.
And that’s okay. Because as long as you know inside, that what you’re doing is wonderful.
And that you’re going to change the world.
And you’re going to provide your version of the Pain Free Life for other people.
It will really be worth it.
So my advice to you is no matter what it is you’re here for. Some reason no matter what it is.
Go for it!
Don’t let people like this ruin your great life helping people improve in the world.
Doing whatever it is that you need to do to have a fantastic pain free life for yourself.
Thanks for watching the video.
Share this with somebody who needs it.
Here’s your Pain Free Life. I’ll see you soon.

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