Ask Adam Episode 03 : How Do I have Big Success?

Hey it’s Adam. Welcome to the Ask Adam Episodes. Today we’re going to talk about something about success, your success and how you can have success. Because the question that I often get, I got again this week is, Adam how do I have success? You have success, how do I have success? I’ve got to tell you this, success could be hard. Obviously, it’s really hard work.
There are two things, there are two absolutes that are necessary for almost everybody to have success. And the two things that you need to rally and you need to find are your passion and your curiosity. Passion and curiosity by far are the most important.
When I set out to create Zero Pain Now, there’s an entire 600 billion dollar a year paradigm, for people, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, all these things, surgeries, and drugs, and opioids, all these horrible and dangerous things. And I knew that it didn’t have to be because people used to come to me to get over divorce in a day, bereavement in a day, panic attacks, anxiety, weight loss, addiction, would we be able to do that stuff? But there was this really interesting thing, almost every person has physical pain and I realize there had to be a link. So I got curious. Gosh! How was this possible? How was emotion link to physical pain? Why is it being blamed on the back, the structure, when I see all these people coming in with emotional issues and life problems having pain. So I got really, really curious. And I’ve been at this for, gosh, 15, 16 years now and everyday I’m so curious, I look for how can I take these things that are really complex and appear to be really complex and make them simple? How is this happening? That’s the question. How? How? How? So I’m always intensely curious about how was this happening? And how can I change it? And how can I make it better? So, the curiosity is an absolute must for anybody that want anything you want to be successful, but you got to be really curious. Because you got to get to the how. How was this a problem and how can I solve it?

Then on the other side, passion. Well I’m a helper, I love people. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know, I work seven days a week and all I really care about is helping you have a better life. So I’m super passionate. So once I’ve found that physical pain and emotional pain where I really could help people, there was such a passion and I immediately knew that all I wanted to do help 10 Million people get pain free. That’s you, 10 Million people get pain free. So I’m so passionate, nothing else that goes on in my life will take precedent over me helping you get what you want.

So I’m super passionate and super curious and that allowed me to create a paradigm that has, I can go toe to toe with neurosurgeons, with orthopedic surgeons, CEO’s, and drug companies and I’ve got to win. I’m the only one who got a 100% success in a Pilot study at Mayo Clinic, the only one that has 97.4% success day to day helping people feel better and get people get better, get over their pain So I know I can do it and it’s the passion combined with curiosity that got me there. That’s all you need to do. So what’s your why? Why do you really want this? What do you want to do? And as soon as you have a little handle on that, start to rally your curiosity. How? How’s this a problem? How can I make this better? How? How? How? And find your reason that’s so compelling that nothing is going to stop you from having the success that you deserve and you can have.

Share this video with somebody who needs it. Thanks for watching. I’m so glad to be with you today. I hope to see you very soon. Here’s to your pain free life. Bye!

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