Episode 4 – How Do I Stop Procastinating?

Hi it’s Adam. Welcome to the Ask Adam episodes. Here’s something that probably you suffer from something that people ask me about almost every day. Adam, I’m always procrastinating have never get down what I want to get down like procrastinate, procrastinate, how do I get over my procrastination? Well, procrastination isn’t the problem your procrastination is a result of the problem and the problem is you’re not motivated. Nobody, you know procrastinating the piece of banana cream pie. You know procrastinate doing you know going to the, do things or go to the beach, or go to have fun or watch TV and lay on the couch and eat.

Procrastination is a symptom of a lack of motivation, how do you get over it? It’s really simple; you don’t have a big enough why. Why is it you want to do something? What is so compelling? That absolutely no matter what would get you at a better four o’clock in the morning on a Sunday morning to make sure it gets done. It’s about the why, what’s your purpose? What’s your why? Okay! Yeah! Sometimes you know filling out a tax form, you know I procrastinate that. I don’t want to do it, but here’s the thing. When it needs to be done, when the consequences are big, either positive or negative? Something I want to go towards, getting it done, making money, making sure I get what I want or away from I don’t want to get a fine, I don’t want to get in trouble. That obviously raises the motivation or raises your motivation. But, how do you rally your motivation of time? So that procrastination sort of disappears. It’s why? What’s the purpose?

Get in touch of whatever you’re doing whether it’s a tax form, whether it’s your homework, whether it’s your work, whether it’s the work you need to do at home, whether it’s going to the gym, whatever it is whether it’s me making this videos. I know that all I care about is helping 10 million people get pain free. So I came up with all this mindfulness technique to eliminate emotion and physical pain. And I got to get it out to you, so what do I have to, I got to make this videos right? I’ve got to be here with you?
So, what gets me, what keeps me from procrastinating? It’s the why I want to help you get better. And it’s so important to me to help 10 million people get pain free. I get my butt on this chair, and I do this video and I send it to the video team so that they can edit it and they gets out to you. So, all you need to do is get really clear. Test by test. Day by day. Why? Why is it important? What’s going to get you so motivated? That procrastination isn’t an issue. You do, you take action and when you go on. Share this video with somebody who needs it. Thanks for watching. Here’s your pain free live. I’ll see you soon.

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