Ben Affleck’s Migraine

Hey it’s Adam.
Migraines. Tension headaches. Disastrous. They upset your life. They come out of no place and they slam you like a freight train. It’s reported that Ben Affleck is a regular migraine sufferer. Migraines are debilitating. The great news I’ve helped hundreds of people eliminate migraines.

One of my favorite stories is that I got a call one day from one of the CEO’s at Mayo Clinic Health Systems. And he said listen Adam you say that you have a 97% success rate and you know that sounds like quackery. And I said well I get it, but the results are the results. And there’s this pause. And all of a sudden he goes:

“Well I was suffering three migraines a week and I read your book, I didn’t even do your whole process and my headaches disappeared and I never had another headache.

And that was years ago and that led to a Pilot – very successful Pilot at Mayo where the write-up shows that every single person who had pain:

Migraines. Bulging Disc. Herniated Disc. Spinal Stenosis. Fibromyalgia. Spinal Stenosis – I said that already. Whiplash. Degenerative Disc Disease. They all got better.
Just like he did.
Just like so many migraine sufferers before. Because the way the traditional medical model tries to take care of these symptoms – they manage the symptoms rather than eliminating the cause.

Thirty years of research has shown that there’s a much different cause than the typical pain management approaches and yes the symptoms can be eliminated.
So can your symptoms be eliminated?

I don’t know but we can find out with 97% certainty.

If you still have some hope and you want to have the full life that you probably you say you want.

Go to take the pain test.
It’s a scientific objective test. It will let you know whether or not you can get better.

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