Michael Phelps Gets Back At Teacher

Hey it’s Adam.
Michael Phelps – in the news a lot this week. Greatest probably Olympian ever. Certainly the greatest swimmer. Gold medal after gold medal after gold medal after gold medal.
And what you may not know about Michael Phelps is when he was in 5th grade a teacher came to him and told him he wasn’t going to be successful. And he really through that at him. Now my first thought is any 5th grade teacher that says anything like that to a kid out to be thrown out of school and never allowed back because lots and lots of 5th grade teachers do that to kids.
But in Phelps case he had several options. Several choices. But what did he do?
So often and most of the time when those teachers or those authority figures say you’re no good, you’re never going to do this, they’re pointing their finger, you’re no good. Because you don’t fit into their model of the world.
Now most people crawl up into a ball and they take that on as a limiting belief and they go out and do exactly that. They reproduce very little.

But Michael Phelps had a great strategy. Because instantly, instead of curling up and doing nothing he immediately said to himself “I’m going to prove that guy wrong and I’m going to show him. That’s the right kind of strategy.”
So what did he do?
He got in the pool and worked harder.
He work smarter.
Day after day.
Seven days a week, mornings, evenings, over and over again.
With the intention of proving that teacher wrong.
Who do you think had the last laugh? I think it’s Michael Phelps.

So how do you handle situations like that?
Whether you’re a 5th grader, or whether you’re a 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 year old where people pointing you and they say you can’t do it. You’ll never be able to do that.
I’ve heard that over and over again with Zero Pain Now. All of the sudden CEO of Mayo clinic comes along and gets rid of his pain. Next thing you know a pilot comes up. Every single person they sent got better.

Everybody told me no. We had a big meeting. Most of the people say no way, no way, can’t be done, can’t be done.
Guess what?
It can because I was out to prove those people wrong. I’ve still got more to prove wrong.
So I’m going to keep going.
Who do you need to prove wrong?
Who do you need to prove wrong that will get you so motivated.
So fired up.
So ready to go that you go out there and create something fantastic. Whether it’s a Pain Free Life for you or Pain Free Life for somebody else or lots of people. Who do you need to prove wrong?
And what’s the first step you need to take to start that journey and make that happen.
Get going today because you know what?
The world needs you to play really really big.
Thanks for watching this video.
I’ll see you again in the next one.
Here’s your pain free life.

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