No Jay Z

Hi it’s Adam.
What do you do when the world says no to you?
What do you when obstacles come up?
When people put roadblocks in your way?
When everything you try fails?
What do you do?

Jay Z is the perfect example.
Jay Z went from studio to studio. To company to company nobody would sign him. Obviously a super talented musician but nobody believed in him. But you know who did believe in Jay Z?
Jay Z.
So what he started, what he did was he decided to start his own label and he became obviously a rap hip hop superstar. But much more than that he created a massive business. He singed other artists and he helped them go to their dreams. Because he took the failures in his life and the abuse he’d received in his life and the hard knocks he received in his life and not only did he make himself a superstar, and a business superstar but he used that to help other people become superstars and have a great lives.

That’s available to all of us. By the way Jay Z is now reportedly worth a half billion dollars. Supreme success.
All of us have doors closed on us day after day. I’ve had thousands of doors closed on me. I bet you have too.
But we can take a lesson from Jay Z and realize that when one door closes there’s another that opens. Now the hallways in-between can be a real bitch. But if you stay persistent.
If you recover.
If you really believe in what you want to do you’ll take another step forward. If you’re really clear on what you want.
And why you want it.
And what your purpose is.
And why it’s important.
You’ll be able to dust yourself off and take another step.

And I often talk about this because we all get knocked down. I have been knocked down over and over again. Every other successful person I know has been knocked down over and over again.
Success is really hard. Persistence pays off.
Persistence plus hustle pays off.
PH are the words you want. Persistence plus hustle will get you where you want to go.
Persistence plus hustle.
Give it a try.

Share this with somebody who needs it because we all run into obstacles and we all need some help.
If you have the help or you need questions for me or you have need help from me send me an email at
I’ll help you.
We’re all in this together.
Go forward.
You can do it.
Thanks for watching.
See you in the next video.

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