Yay It’s Monday!

Every Monday I hear people complaining. I love Monday! Hear’s why…

Hey it’s Adam. It’s another Monday morning. People are always complaining about
Monday mornings. Argh! I hate Monday. The job! I hate this stuff. Here’s the really
interesting fact: you’re not 1 of the 151,000 people that died yesterday. And probably
neither did your spouse, your kids, your parents or anybody really close to you.
So, you’ve got things a lot better than other people. And everything is perspective. I’ve
helped thousands of people with zero pain now get pain free. One of them who was
miserable with pain called me the other day because they just got back from a trip and
they said all the flight was terrible. “I couldn’t sleep the whole flight.” I said you’re 35,000
in the air ­ hurdling through the sky at 600 miles an hour ­ going halfway around the
world in less than 12 hours. And you have the nerve to complain about the flight?
Perspective is everything. There are so many things that aren’t awful in your life and
that are fantastic. So, what if you reframe things and you look at the gifts. What do you
like about your job? What do you like about your spouse? Your girlfriend? your life?
Anything. Why will you start to look about that? (Certainly not my best sentence ­ Adam)
When you start to look at things that way you start to get a different feeling and it isn’t
that ­ Oh gosh it’s Monday morning. I’m going to complain again. Now it’s I feel great. I
have an opportunity today to do something that I’ve never done before, that you can do
better. Do it faster. Do do it wiser. To do something new. To do it novel. A different way.
All those things are available to you today, Monday. And they will be again Tuesday and
every other day of the week. So how about looking at things a little bit differently and
getting way more bang for your buck? You’ll be more productive. You’ll make more
money. You’ll have better relationships. And you’ll be healthier by having a better
attitude. There’s my tip for the day. Have a great Monday and I’ll see you again soon.

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