Do What You Love And You’ll Be Successful – Nope!

Hey it’s Adam coming to you from Beverly Hills today. I’ve heard advice almost my whole life: “Find something you like to do and you’ll be successful.” Truth is, that’s not the truth.
Find something you like to do and you may be happy but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. I love taking naps. Oh hoo man! I love taking a great nap! But I can’t find anybody to pay me for napping. And Bank of America wants their money on the first of every month.
So, yes I’m lucky because I love Zero Pain Now and I help people have a pain free life and I love doing that. But it takes a lot more than just loving it. You also want to find and use your mind, and use your brain and find something that will provide the lifestyle – whatever it is that you need and you want to have the life of your dreams.
So here’s the most important question that you need to ask about your job or you career:
What’s important to me about my career?
Make a list, answer the question and ask yourself that question over and over again. When you think that you’re out of answers, you’re not. Make sure you have at least 10 or 15 minimum and then prioritize and put them in order. Then you can start putting together an idea of what’s best for you. What you want? What you like? And also, what will provide you the income you want?
Great tip, great advice. Go out and do it.
Here’s your pain free life. I’ll see you again soon.

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