Back Pain – What You Need To Know

So much advice about your back pain and almost none is accurate. Here’s what you must…

Hi. I’m Adam Heller and welcome to the video.

Back pain. 118 million in the United States alone suffer what they call chronic pain and 70% of that is attributed to back pain, most of it lower back pain.
It’s epidemic.

It’s treated in a variety of ways: surgically, drugs, obviously you heard a lot about this whole opioid crisis.

There are alternative techniques and everybody trying to figure out how do we eliminate this problem. How do we better it?
There’s a whole body of work called pain management, it’s everywhere. Problem with pain management is by definition it’s not permanent, it’s managing pain. It’s ongoing pain management and none of us really want that to be our end result.

What can be done? Can anything be done?

Well, all these diagnoses, bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, there’s people with fibromyalgia. There’s all of these different diagnoses and all kinds of different great people trying to solve this problem that is really difficult to solve.

Now, there have been some wonderful, really wonderful things that have come up lately that have shown big improvements.

There was a pilot recently done at the Mayo Clinic and they took a group of patients who they weren’t able to help. The average time in pain was 17 years. By the way, the average cost for those people in pain was over $300,000 apiece.
These were people diagnosed with bulging disc and herniated disc and spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia, that big fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease if I didn’t say that, tension and migraine headaches, all kinds of diagnoses.


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