How You Mean Is How You Live

Hi it’s Adam and welcome to the video. There are 2 kinds of pain, there’s physical pain – back, neck shoulder pain. There’s also emotional pain. And there’s a great connection between the two.

Emotional pain, stress, and tension actually causes physical pain. Physical pain makes emotional pain worse then there’s this negative spiral. So, one of the best methods for eliminating emotional pain is by becoming a terrific, meaning assigner. Here’s what’s really important for you to know –
Life doesn’t come with meaning.
Life happens and then we assign meaning often unconsciously, so these things happen that we don’t like – divorce, a loss, some kind of an event we don’t like, we assign this meaning – horrible. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we can assign, you can assign, I can assign any meaning you want to any event so that it will take you in the fetal position out in the couch or moving towards your goals, your dreams, everything you’ve ever wanted. All you have to do is consciously assign the meaning that you want to the event that will help you go forward.

There is no real meaning, you get to assign the meaning. So how do you do that? Take a microsecond. Take a microsecond no matter what happened, stop. Go conscious, assign any meaning you want. There are so many different truths, so many different meanings that you can assign to every event, pick one that’s going to help you source, move forward, be energized, go get the goals, do what you want to do. That’s all you have to do.

Successful people, happy people, take a moment and they assign great meanings to events so that they’ll feel good. Because people that feel good make good choices and people that make good choices have better lives. You’re ready for better life? A pain free life? That’s all you have to do. Thanks for watching the video.
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