Does Donald Trump Have Values?

Hey it’s Adam.
Does Donald Trump have values?
Well the answer is absolutely yes and we’re not talking politics right now. But people often question me – Donald Trump the behavior, how, why, what’s going on with this guy?
And when you understand values it’s much easier to understand Donald Trump’s behavior.
So values are what’s important to you.

What’s important to you?

It’s really apparent if you’ve seen anything about Donald Trump. His number one most primary value is winning.
So all of our beliefs stem from our values.

So his number one value is winning.

Therefore if that’s most important in him his beliefs are going to come right off of that.
So win at all cost.
I believe with it’s okay to win at all cost.
I believe it’s ok to cheat.
I believe it’s ok to lie.
I believe it’s okay to steamroll people.
I believe it’s okay to hurt people because the most important thing – his highest level value is winning.
So all those other beliefs will be created to support just that – winning.

So what does that do for you? What does that do for me? What does that do for the rest of us? Well if we start to look at our behaviors, and our responses, and our results – we start to see that it stems from our highest level values one, two, and three.
So the best thing you can do is look at your life where are you behaving maybe a little differently than you would like to?
Well if you start to look at what’s important to you and your values. You’ll start to see that that sets up some beliefs that maybe aren’t giving quite the results you want.
So what do you do about that? Well first of all look at your values.
Here’s how you do it. Take any context – career, relationship, what’s important to me about career or relationship?
Make notes. Then put everything in prioritization. List it one, two, three.
You’ll start see at the top – what’s most important to you? I had one person that come to me for career was making a good living but not what he wanted to make. We elicited his values. And they were freedom and creativity and you know all these other things. Money wasn’t even on the list.
We inserted it on the list and he doubled the his income.
So take a look at your values. What’s important to you? Look at your results. See where they’re incongruent.
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