Corporate Wellness Specialists and Trainers are Available

Increase Productivity, Lower Absenteeism and
Lower Insurance Costs

There is a way to incrementally add to your wellness program that is conservative and without drugs or any medical intervention that has a documented 97.4% success rate and 100% success with case closure in 28 days or less in a pilot at the Mayo Clinic Health Systems. Employees who feel better are much more productive.

We have 4 ways to help you :

  • Micro Certification – 3 Day Training
  • Group Pain Relief – Virtual Program
  • Full Certification – Virtual and On Site
  • One-on-One – Complete Outsourcing


We treat wellness and pain relief differently at Zero Pain Now. Our Private Programs have a 97.4% success rate and we received a write-up from a pilot at Mayo Clinic with 100% success. We stand behind our training and have an unmatched record of success. In our commitment to you and your wellness program, I personally guarantee that you will get the results that you want. We are the only method to make this kind of guarantee. We can do it because our pain relief trainings and programs work and because we are dedicated to your positive results. The Zero Pain Now Wellness Training and Programs will be successful because over 30 years of scientific and neuroscientific research has shown that the real case of chronic and ongoing pain is not medical. That’s why there was no chance that your current methods could have provided your employees with more than temporary relief. That’s why they call it pain management. Because your employees have to constantly manage pain and that costs your company money. The reason Zero Pain Now will work for you is because we’ll teach you how to eliminate the real cause of the pain and we’ll do that in a way that is personalized for you.

97.4% Success Rate
100% in Mayo Clinic Pilot
Personalized Program
Regular Communications
Long-Term Results
Lower Employee Costs
No Travel Necessary
After Program Follow-Up
Conservative- Non-Invasive-Non-Medical
Rapid Results
Ongoing Training and Support
Caring & Professionally Trained Staff