I don’t have enough time

Hi It’s Adam.
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t have enough time. And it’s close cousin, I’m way too busy.

I don’t have enough time is the excuse that produces more pain – emotional and physical pain, than any other excuse on the books.

And I get it, it’s 5:00 am Sunday morning. I’m making this video for you.

Why am I doing that? Because I don’t have enough time. But I really do.

I don’t have enough time is an excuse to say “it’s just not that important to me.”

So where are you using that excuse?

I hear all the time. I hear people who have been in pain for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years. Doctors. Surgeons. Chiropractors. Physical therapist. Trips to stores to get mattresses, and shoes and special everything to try and manage their pain. They lay on blocks half of the day stretching. And yoga. And that’s their entire day.

But yet – I don’t have enough time.” And I say, here’s what you’re doing – what about 20 minutes a day? 30 minutes a day for a week or 2? How does that seem? So, that’s what happens with physical pain or emotional pain.

What’s something that maybe you’ve wanted to change for a long time?

Anxiety. Panic. Overeating. Addiction. Procrastination.

What are some of the other things that you’ve been too busy to accomplish?

Because there really is enough time.

People hate when I say there really is enough time. If you prioritize you’ll do the things that are most important to you.

Are you aware of what you really want to do so that you can place that number 1, 2, 3 on your prioritization list of things to do. You have enough time. Today, prioritize the 3 big things that you want to accomplish. And then slot it into your schedule and all of a sudden you’ll find there’s time.

What’s the other excuse that equally comes up? I don’t have enough money. That’s the next video.

Thanks for watching this one.
Share it with somebody you know.
I’ll see you again soon.

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