Who’s Driving Your Bus?


Who’s driving your bus?

What I mean by that is, are you making your own decisions because they’re best for you?

And they’re in line with your values, and your beliefs, and your judgements, and your model of the world.

Or you’re making decisions because other people think it would be best for you. Or it fits other people’s expectations of you. Or their model of the world. Because what happens is often myself guilty is well, we add a lot of pain to our lives because we start making decisions for other people and other peoples interest. Instead of what’s really true for us.

So, my suggestion is you check-in and ask yourself, who’s driving your bus?
And if it isn’t you, grab a hold of the steering wheel and make decisions that are your decisions. Not somebody else. Because your pain free life will disappear and transform into a painless life and a life of freedom.

That’s a great tip.

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