What’s Your Mt. Everest ?

What’s the one thing that if you do it, you’ll be at the top of the world?

I remember one time I was sitting with another expert in a hotel in England. I was telling him about this fear that I had, and I’d been really working hard on it. It was about 80% gone. He looks at me, and he goes in his British accent, “Maybe 80% is your Everest.”

I was enraged! I wanted to reach out and strangle him and his little bow tie and his English thing, but he was right.
He had caught me not going all the way to the top, not going to the 100%. Who wants a B life when we can have an A?

What’s your Everest?

I run into this every day with people with emotional and physical pain. They come to me, and they talk about how they manage their pain – the chiropractors, and the physical therapists, and the doctors, and the massages, and the stretches, and the EFT and all these techniques, surgeries, drugs that they use to try and manage their pain. To manage their problem day in and day out.

They’ll tell me, “It gets me through the day, I’m 50%.”

Is 50% your Everest?
If it is, that’s okay, but why go to base camp when you can go all the way to the top, and you can be on top of the world?

Maybe today is your day.

What is one thing, what’s one thing in your life, emotional pain, physical pain – what’s one thing in your life where you’ve been working at it, but you are not yet on top of the world, and you’re ready to be?

That’s exciting.
What’s that one thing, and what’s the one thing you need to do to get yourself there?
How about doing that today?

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