Welcome to Video 06 in Our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

In this video, I’m just going to go over some of the specifics so you’ll know if the type of pain syndrome you have is one that most likely can be eliminated quickly and easily. Keep in mind that when I say chronic pain, I refer to six weeks or longer. Because if you’ve had pain for less than six weeks, it’s very possible that you just injured yourself or have an infection or something that regular traditional medical or just regular first aid or whatever can treat and can solve. Unless your pain’s gone beyond six weeks, we don’t know if it’s just an acute pain or if it’s going to end up being chronic. But if you’ve had pain that’s been six weeks or longer, possibly even years or decades, then these are the types of diagnoses and pain syndromes that almost always are really starting with stress tension, and emotions. Types of structural abnormalities usually cause chronic pain because most of the time, they don’t. The real cause is emotional. It’s stress tension, and buried emotions.


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