George Clooney Shouldn’t Have Pain

Hey it’s Adam.
George Clooney suffers chronic pain.
It’s the great equalizer. Chronic pain doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity or if you’re a regular person like you and me.
But the interesting thing is he’s been suffering his chronic pain since being injured while filming in 2005.
And here’s the thing, your body heals.
Everybody that’s ever come to me to have a pain free life at Zero Pain Now comes because they think that they have injured themselves. And they go through all the medical process, and the chiropractors, and the doctors, and the surgeons, and the pharmacists, and the physical therapists, all these other things.
But your body heals. If you break your foot it hurts. 6 weeks later it’s healed.
Whatever George Clooney did do to himself will heal within 6 weeks. But the problem is the pain goes on.

Now the studies are absolutely foolproof.

97.4% of chronic pain originates in the brain not on the spine.
Not in the shoulder.
Not in the knee.
Not in the ankle.
It originates in the brain. Then actual physical changes that take place and the end result is pain, tingling, burning, numbness or weakness.
There is a 2.6% chance that George Clooney’s structure has anything to do with this pain.
It’s almost a certainty that he has what I call Diversion Pain Syndrome.
Also knowing some of his personality traits – he helps people around the world. There’s certain personality traits that people that are much more likely to suffer chronic pain that can be ended.
How do you know if that’s you?

Go to and take the pain test.

It’s a scientific test that will tell you within 3% whether or not you can get rid of your pain once and for all regardless of what the MRI says.
Bulging disc.
Herniated disc.
Spinal stenosis.
Tension and migraine headaches.
All these things, absolutely 97.4% success rate.
So if you want to know for sure whether you can get better take the pain test go from there.
If you have question let me know.
I’ll answer them personally –
Thanks for watching this video.
I’ll see you soon.

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