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“I’ve been diagnosed with stenosis, bulging disc and neuropathy. Zero Pain Now had me pain free in 6 days.”
“Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging Disc and Sciatica pain gone in one session. I still can’t believe it”
“Adam actually took my call and helped me. Thanks Adam!
Best service ever!”
“My family came for the holidays and my back pain soared. Zero Pain Now banished the pain in 15 minutes”
“I forgot how great sleep is without pain, the doctor said surgery and I said Zero Pain Now. I made the perfect choice!”
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Mom’s Back Pain Gone

See Annee tell her story of using Zero Pain Now to rapidly heal 40 years of back pain and return to running and ballet.

Back to Golfing & Running

Watch Emily explain how she finally healed her neck after years of suffering.

Pain Meds Avoided Entirely

Greg explains that in the short time his wife was heading for pain medication he became completely free of pain using Zero Pain Now.

Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery Avoided

Watch the amazing story of how Matt overcame his resistance and after being told he needed shoulder surgery, used the Zero Pain Now process to completely heal his pain AND regain all mobility.

Daily Pain is Gone

Marianne describes how fast she was able to end her cycle of back pain and how nice it is to live without even thinking about her old pain.