Pain Meds Avoided Entirely

When Greg started the Zero Pain Now® program of healing, he had been experiencing excruciating neck pain for three months that was unsuccessfully treated via biweekly chiropractic adjustments. Within minutes of starting the program, Greg’s pain was substantially reduced. In a period of days, he was able to discontinue chiropractic treatment altogether. He didn’t even need the pain medications that had been offered to him by a medical doctor to treat his symptoms. Not long after, Greg returned to his hobby of horseback riding and after 4 years he remains pain free today – all as a result of applying the principles of the Zero Pain Now® treatment.

If you want to avoid medications and chiropractic adjustments, use the Zero Pain Now® book, workbook and videos to free yourself from limiting back pain and body pain. If you want to return to playing golf, tennis, or your favorite hobbies and heal your Diversion Pain Syndrome symptoms, Zero Pain Now® has an easy and affordable answer. If you’ve tried everything else and you still have pain, the Zero Pain Now® process can help you to become entirely pain free and help you get back to a full life without physical limitations.

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