“Adam your medical cost savings per person was $320,000. WOW – Author of medical pilot program”
“I’d spent over $200,000 fighting my back and neck pain. I should have used Zero Pain Now first.”
“I’ve been diagnosed with stenosis, bulging disc and neuropathy. Zero Pain Now had me pain free in 6 days.”
“Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging Disc and Sciatica pain gone in one session. I still can’t believe it”
“Adam actually took my call and helped me. Thanks Adam!
Best service ever!”
“My family came for the holidays and my back pain soared. Zero Pain Now banished the pain in 15 minutes”
“I forgot how great sleep is without pain, the doctor said surgery and I said Zero Pain Now. I made the perfect choice!”
“I urge you to experience this profound technique and follow the instructions exactly as written, and you will become pain-free.”
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Adam Heller


Adam Heller is an internationally known author and expert specializing in mindfulness and mind-body techniques that eliminate psychological and physical pain.
Adam has successfully helped thousands of people rapidly eliminate the cause of symptoms displayed as chronic physical pain, overweight, depression, addictions, anxiety, and other emotional, mental and physical disorders. A recognized authority on the behavioral effects of neuroplasticity and the practical applications of the brain, he has served as an advisor and teacher to leaders and celebrities around the world for more than 20 years.
Adam has spent 2 decades studying neuroscience and neuropsychology all with the intention of using the latest scientific and empirical understandings to help people solve problems and create success. A Master Trainer in the field of neuro-linguistic programming, along with 23 other certifications, Adam’s expertise and experience are unequalled.
Adam is the creator of Zero Pain Now and Rapid Life Change. Zero Pain Now has a documented 97.4 success rate eliminating chronic pain. In addition a pilot at the Mayo Clinic resulted in 100% case closure in all cases within 28 days. In his mission to help 10 Million People End Psychological and Physical pain, Adam has become a frequent guest on TV and other media and is considered to be among the greatest trainers in the world.

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